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Welcome to a fascinating journey.

Flow Training's priorities are;
1) Quality experience based training.
2) Select groups with personal attention.
3) Real world practical results.
4) Breakthrough life experiences.

We go inside how the mind really works, with insights and tools that get to the true heart of the issues.

Flow Graduates Become

Looking for NLP Coaching or Hypnotherapy sessions? In Bangkok, around Thailand or Asia? Check out the listings and locations of our Flow Sessions Practitioners.

These are active professionals, who among other things, have graduated from multiple Flow Training certification courses.

Professional Practitioners

Find a Practitioner that suits you; we have variety in age, gender, languages, holistic or corporate, and locations from Bangkok, Chaing Mai, China, Vietnam to London...

Flow Training gives great courses,
and creates and assists the development of great professional practitioners.

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Upcoming Public Certification Training Courses


Dates; To Be Advised

Add Hypnosis to your NLP. Gain a new skill. After these 3 days you can decide if you want to add 7 more days of NGH Hypnotherapy.
3 Days; 21,000Bt
. More

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Training

NLP Basic Practitioner; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, gives you tools and insights into how people - and you - work at deeper, subconscious levels. You will gain skills you can put into practice, that benefit personal growth and professional results. NFNLP (National Federation of NLP, USA) focuses on a proven efficient, effective and experience-driven 5 day course. Course Brochure More

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

NLP Master; building on the foundation of the NLP Basic, we go deeper into coaching and therapeutic techniques. Learn to use a series of tools together. Have powerful influence, directly and indirectly. Become elegant and masterful in your NLP. Smaller class sizes allow an interactive style of teaching, demonstration and personal valuable feedback with the instructor. Course Brochure More

NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Training

Hypnotherapy Certification. Become a Hypnotherapist - Learn Hypnotic Techniques - Subconscious Coaching.
Professional Qualification: Certified Hypnotherapist, CH.
Course; Ten Days, 75 class room hours, 25 hours after course.
Prerequisites: None. English instruction. Some Thai support.
Association: National Guild of Hypnotists, NGH, USA.
Course Brochure

Hypnotherapy, Business, Trainer

How Is NLP & Hypnotherapy Valuable?

Communication; refine inter-personal and influence skills
Healing; add to therapeutic skills
Education; understand learning styles, rapport and retention
Coaching; model peak performance and remove blocks
Relationships; personal & professional
Personal development; clarity on life transitions and life purpose

People Who Attend These Trainings Are;

Coaches; Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, ICF
Trainers; Corporate, Wellness, Independent, Leadership
Professionals; in HR, Marketing, CEO's, Managers, Sales
Healthcare; Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Psychologists, Healers
Education; Teachers, PhD Professors, Administrators
Personal Development; anyone interested in helping self & others

How are Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy connected?

NLP is the basis of a lot of Life and Executive Coaching. The subconscious base of NLP can take another step with Hypnotherapy to resolve limiting beliefs and emotional residues. Three to five sessions can see major life breakthroughs, and go beyond the reach of most other techniques.

Who Delivers the Training? What is their background?

Mark Beale, 40, is Flow's lead trainer, training in English, often assisted by his graduates who speak Thai. With thousands of individual sessions in a decade as a full-time NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner, Mark trains from deep experience. Prior, he has a finance degree and a decade in banking. Mark is a regular consultant at world-leading holistic resort Chiva Som, a peer-reviewed environment where he gives sessions, and trains staff. more

Your Goals, Motivations and Outcomes

You don’t have to have complete ‘conscious’ understanding of why you want to take this course – it can be enough to have an interest that has taken you this far, so you can fulfill your curiosity and discover your true purpose while taking the class. Feel free to give Mark a call now on +66 (0)82 616 7054 to check if your 1) Background, 2) Goals, 3) Motivations’ and 4) Future Outcomes really are suited to an NLP course.


NGH Hypnotherapy

"I recommend the course for people interested in personal development, in corporate life or spiritual life."
MBA, Yoga Teacher & Healer

NLP Basic & Master

"On behalf of Senior Management, thank you for your work to make our NLP training so successful."
Company Director

NLP For Business

"Mark is an amazing teacher. He really understands the language of the subconscious mind very deeply."
Hedge Funds Saleswoman

NGH Hypnotherapy

"As an educator with 20 years’ experience, I was impressed by the professional result orientated approach, and the enlightening holistic vision. It's the best value for money I've spent on a training course for decades."
University Teacher

NLP Basic & Master

"We all enjoyed spending 10 wonderful days course with you! I love NLP and it has amazingly helped me in many ways. I got inspired to use it to help others as well. I am really keen to practice and learn more in the future."
Nurse and Health Consultant

NLP For Sales

"Thousand thanks for your great support and passion toward your knowledge sharing. I do believe we can be a good practitioner since we have an amazing and excellent teacher. I am ready for a Hypnotherapy course now!"

Testimonials & Training Video Demonstration

1) Fears & Phobia Snake: Watch Mark in action using NLP -
NLP Basic - Feedback from a 'Phobia Cure' Class Demo; Watch here -

Khun Mark, I can’t thank you enough for not only a professional and caring week of NLP learning, but even more so for helping guide me out of 40 years of needless limitations due to a once thought-(framed)-to-be: “insurmountable-phobia”.

I just finished a jog in the pineapple fields behind my home where I never dared venture before... I thought of you and had a huge smile on my face the entire way as my superconscious reacted to a large - yet dead serpent - with curiosity and respect - without the once paralyzing and uncontrollable fear.
With much gratitude, my friend." - Corporate Trainer

2) Grief, Relationship & Career Transition
Personal Sessions, NLP Basic & Master, NGH Hypnotherapy

Dear Mark, I want to say thank you for the NLP course. I did learn a lot and see the point of view in different ways.

You are a great teacher and fantastic healer. I am glad that you are my teacher and healing me. "NLP" has given me a clear picture that my old chapter life is closed and I have a picture that another door in front of me now that going to be a new chapter of my life.

Sales Professional, Business Owner
3) Relationships, Childhood Trauma, & Career Transition
Personal Sessions, NLP Basic & Master

Hi Mark, Thank you for your support and inspiration. I can't tell you how much this experience changed my life... it was completely different from what I expected but ultimately was exactly what I needed to break through to the next level. The whole experience of having to trust 'strangers' and finding out we had such commonalities... I couldn't believe how much I shared in common with the two others.

Wow. What a ride. I can't thank you enough for how much you have helped me, and I appreciate your support so much. Thank you so much! Thank you!!!! - Senior Teacher & Educator
4) Career Change
Personal Sessions, NLP Basic & Master, NGH Hypnotherapy

Hi Mark, Thanks for excellent course. I can't expect nothing more! NLP has helped me understand myself better, and made me more capable to help other people, understand people's behaviors and communicate better.

Businessman, Fitness expert



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